in addition to digital versions of our shows, below you will find extended interviews and extra music

Concert and interview: Smokey Miles (52 minutes)

Concert and interview: A Fairview of Emma Hill (32 minutes)

Value-added performance: Sammy Velvet & Bones Malone

Value-added interview: Poet Bruce Craven

September, 2020: “Some Romantic Play”

featuring Sammy Velvet & Bones Malone, Emma Hill, Fogelfoot, Smokey Miles, and “In Watermelon Sugar,” pt. IV.

August, 2020: “In the HUUT of the Night”

featuring Alicia Walton, Justin Curtis, Fogelfoot, Art Stucco & John Palmer, Bob Macaraeg, and “In Watermelon Sugar,” pt. III.

July, 2020: “Uncomfortable Duets”

featuring Gracie Taylor, Erich Wilhelm Zander and Beatrix Zander, Fogelfoot, Lisa Finnie, and “In Watermelon Sugar,” pt. II.

June, 2020: “The Plaguey Days of Summer”

featuring Shaina Palmer, Dylan Thomas, Erich Wilhelm Zander, Bruce Craven, Vampire 79, Britta Kaye, and “In Watermelon Sugar,” pt. I.

May, 2020: “Hair Apparent”

featuring Ben Deily, Brian Woodbury, Phil Ward, Bob Macaraeg, Mitchell Schaffer & Jose Freitas, The Countess, Sofia Talvik, Alias Means, and Melanie Hooks.

April, 2020: “At Least It’s Not Locusts?”

featuring Art Stucco, Thom Bowers, Tom Bishel, Carol McArthur, Cathy Carlton Hews, and Vampire 79.

March, 2020: “el HUUT en los tiempos del corona”

featuring Justin Curtis, Cynthia Brando & Ed Tree, David Kaufman, Pierson Keating, Marisol Barrett, A Postcard from the Crescenta Valley, Paul F. Perry, Mo Daviau, Rick Berlin, Eddy Dyer, and Ken Lasaine.

February, 2020: Second Anniversary Wingding (our last in-person show before the lockdown)

featuring Justin Curtis, Fogelfoot, Julie Perkins and Jan Davidson, Art Stucco, Carol McArthur.