We have a special fondness for the book and movie “Jaws” at the HUUT, and you’ll be surprised how many shark-related songs have staked a claim in these waters. We bring fish-friendly musicians from all over the country to spill their talent out all over the dock, as well as hear selections from the original rock opera “All That Jaws.”

The HUUT, so tired of sitting around its mountaintop eyrie all year, decided to visit the Big Apple for an All-New York event in the hopes of finding Rosemary’s Baby. We are joined by Abby Ehmann, Scott Stiffler, Eric Drysdale, Alice Bradley, and Alex De Suze for a delightful evening of Becoming Real.

Recently the Verdugo HUUT attempted to put on its favorite green pants and they wouldn’t fit. Always a little tight, they simply refused to admit that the Verdugo HUUT had ever worn them comfortably. Thus a show celebrating getting all dressed up and fancy again whilst breathing directly into other people’s faces. Join Fogelfoot, David Bickford, Justin Curtis, Carolina Cooney and more for “All Dressed Uo And No Place To Go Legally” right here (just click on the picture when it’s time) on Saturday, March 20, at 7 p.m. Pacific time.

Three glorious years of the Verdugo HUUT! came crashing down around us in February’s planet-breaking anniversary show, featuring the enigmatic Smokey Miles, lonesome cowboy Justin Curtis, long-suffering shipmates Art Stucco & John Palmer, formidable songbird Carol McArthur, and dangerous Rhode Islander Jackie Monahan. 

We welcome 2021 with a stellar lineup including the fabulous Grey Delisle Griffin, Justin Curtis, David Kaufman, Heidi Mastrogiovanni, and Steve Johnson. Join us here on January 23 to celebrate a quintessential L.A. phrase made even more appropriate after the year we survived: “Go You.”

How very exciting for all of you! Our final show of 2020 features instant holiday classics from Paul F. Perry, Matt Bunsen, Fogelfoot, Lisa Finnie, Dylan Thomas (the other one), and Melanie Hooks, topped off by the glorious Countess And Sammy Holiday Spectacular! Tune in here or at the Verdugo HUUT’s facebook page Saturday, December 12, at 7 Pacific.

We travel from Bushwick to Smokesylvania to Ernie’s bathtub to the sere desert to a spooky crypt of wood and stucco this Saturday, as your beloved Verdugo HUUT returns with Justin Curtis, Rena Strober, Jim Melloan, Smokey Miles, and Lisa Finnie, each bound to delight you. Watch live at 7 PDT and/or FOREVER.

Welcome to your beloved Verdugo HUUT!, since 2018 a delightful collection of music, comedy, and thoughtful mayhem, and a show the failing Los Angeles Times called “compelling (and) hilarious.”

starring Emma Hill, Smokey Miles, Fogelfoot, Sammy Velvet, and Jones Malone

Since 2018, L.A.’s swaggiest performers have made their way to the very top of the city to flog their wares in an acoustically-nifty building. Not an open-mic or a workshop, the glorious Verdugo HUUT! is a theme-based evening of frivolity with the chance of coffee. Check back soon! in the meantime, check out some of our COVIDeos from the last few months.